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Clark Hill Construction was founded in 2021 by Wooley Pardoe and Olivia Berry. We are a full service residential construction company specializing in cost effective, energy efficient and high-performance homes.

We are based in Wassaic, New York and work throughout the Hudson Valley.  Our mission is to bring cutting edge building science and passive-house building practices to the mainstream by making it affordable and accessible for all. 


Wooley Pardoe is the head of construction and oversees our projects from start to finish.  He comes from a construction and business background and co-founded Falls Bridge Construction in Philadelphia before moving to the Hudson Valley. Wooley is a building science nerd and a former collegiate rower who loves all things gluten. 

Olivia Berry is the head of operations and sustainability and ensures that our projects employ the lowest embodied carbon and stay on track. She has a background in environmental science and resource management and holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Studies from UPenn.  Olivia is also a yoga teacher and co-founder of BaconBerry, a virtual yoga and fitness studio. Olivia enjoys anything related to her and Wooley's two dogs, Tico and Bosco. 

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